在过去十年中, 野火s have emerged as a significant public health and safety concern for much of the Western United States. 普吉特海湾能源公司 is taking a comprehensive approach to mitigating the evolving risk of 野火s, working to ensure safety while maintaining the reliable delivery of energy.

PSE’s Wildfire Mitigation and Response Plan documents our year-round efforts to prepare for and help prevent 野火s in PSE’s service area, 包括:

  • 态势感知: PSE evaluates the condition of the electric system, as well as the environment around it, using real-time weather data, 野火 risk modeling and pre-野火 season inspections.
  • Strengthening the electric system: PSE regularly maintains and updates the electric system to provide safe and reliable power to our customers. In areas of high 野火 risk, we identify maintenance and improvement activities that will further reduce the risk of 野火, including vegetation management, 设备升级, 在某些情况下, moving power lines underground.
  • 操作程序: 在野火季节, PSE may change some device settings or implement operational procedures to reduce the risk of 野火. 在未来, PSE may proactively turn off power during high 野火 risk conditions to help prevent 野火s. 这叫做 Public 安全 Power Shutoff (PSPS).
  • 应急响应: 在紧急情况下, including an active 野火, PSE will coordinate with local emergency officials and may implement emergency response procedures. This may include turning off power at the request of emergency officials for public and first responder safety.

How you can prepare for 野火 season

  • 你的家人

    • Make sure your PSE account 联系信息 是最新的.
    • If you have medical equipment in your home that relies on electricity, call PSE’s Customer Care team at 1-888-225-5773 and they can walk you through the process to add a Life Support status to your account.
    • 创造并练习 家庭应急计划.
    • 构建一个 应急装备 with a collection of basic items your family might need in the event of an emergency, 包括食品, 水和药物.
    • Sign up for emergency notifications from your county Emergency Management agency and the National Weather Service.
  • 你的家

    • Clear brush or other flammable items from around your home to create 防御空间.
    • Maintain the trees on your property. 请 接触PSE prior to pruning or removing trees near overhead lines. We’ll send out a PSE-certified arborist to evaluate the utility lines at no cost to you.
    • 景观, select fire-resistant plants and locate trees a safe distance from power lines and other equipment.
  • 你的社区

    • Explore community 野火 resilience 资源 from the Washington Department of Natural 资源’ Wildfire Ready Neighbors 程序.
    • If you notice a tree that is dangerously close to overhead power lines, please call your 当地的树木栽培家 或填写我们的 触点形式 and we'll send out a PSE-certified arborist to investigate at no cost to you.

    还记得, if you come across a downed utility wire of any kind, always assume it’s energized and stay as far away as you can. Call 911 or call PSE at 1-888-225-5773 to report the downed line.

Public 安全 Power Shutoff

During high-risk weather conditions, some utilities proactively turn off selected power lines to reduce the 野火 risk. 这叫做 Public 安全 Power Shutoff (PSPS). PSE is currently developing PSPS as part of our Wildfire Mitigation and Response Plan.